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Truly a great way to remember all of the important things.

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Time to make time

So this may just be a test…I’ve been trying to post for a bit, but the work laptop hates WordPress- oldest browser ever. So let’s see if the phone works now.

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So i’ve been rather mia

So for a while now I would write these posts in my head. Slowly slipping further and further from the point of this: a space to share my creativity, the creativity of the women around me, and to celebrate what hopefully could turn in to our lasting impression on this world.

I’ve let “trivial” crap get in the way. I allowed a succ

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So I have been doing stuff…you just can’t tell yet

Finished a hat for stitches (I call it my Rat-a-tat hat. Pattern is Ratatouille, but I did it in sparkly raspberry yarn – a la raspberry beret.)
Finished a hat out of sock yarn for Joe.
Worked on the Kollage Cowlette Kit.
No Scrapping though.

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Stitches Midwest 2012

I want to thank everyone who stopped by to see us this weekend.  It was a heart warming experience. 

I’ll admit now that I was a bit worried going in – Would we get any hats?  Would no HaloPrez mean no hat love?
Those were big shoes that Xnedra2, our all volunteer crew, and I had to fill.
My heart burst with some of the stories that were shared. I met folks from all walks of life – including a man in the middle of the same fight Joe had once been in, except he hadn’t been as lucky as Joe.

Thank you for taking the time to make hats – those hugs for heads really are appreciated.

Thank you for patiently listening to us share who we are.

ImageThank you for helping us raise donations to ship all the hats we collected.

Thank you for cheering with us when we made each new goal we set for ourselves.

Thank you to the XRX & Stitches Team who allow us to participate.

In a world where sad, bad news comes all too often – thank you for helping to brighten someones day.

We have 360 days till next year – and I can’t wait to see you all again. Stitch on my friends – I can’t wait to see you again.
Alex “The Loud One” aka Xcat9

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Year End Review

Crafty things that happened this year:

I made Abby’s Wedding bouquet & veil

Umm….there was some knitting

The CPH (Central Park Hoodie) was not finished in 2011

The Cardi from the first (2010) yarn crawl was not finished…granted now I am allergic to alpaca so it’ll always be a short bout of knitting type of thing.

The Malabrigo Sweater is still thinking about it’s life.

The Classic Elite Lobster Cove cardi was completed!  And it time to be worn at Stitched Midwest 2011! (yea for my first completed garment!)

1 hat was completed for Joe: Kollage McTwist in red

2 cowls in Malabrigo Rasta – 1 for Marilu & 1 for Jean.

Took up crochet – made 1 hat that might work for an elven baby. Or Dan Ackroid’s charter as a yarmulke. Working on another…looking way more hat like.  Goal is for that to go to Pam.

Did 3 blankets squares: 1 crochet & 2 knit…made Laura finish 2 of them.  :/  I gotta work on finishing techniques.

Cast on a Stephen West Shawl of doom. (Spectara) One day I will get past 5 wedges (I need like 95).  It’s for teaching carrying of colors though.

Turned the heel on the second sock.

Taught co-workers to make 34+ cards for Gail’s Work Anniversary.

Started a few cuffs for mittens/gloves & things.  Started…stopped…they are thinking about what they really want to be.

So not a whole lot of scrapping this year…lots of starts…but a least there’s a few finishes.

I did start the great craft purge…Got rid of 1 very large box.

Taught Dad Loom knitting – I can’t keep up with him for casting off.  Need to teach him that.

Made buckets of stitch markers for Abby’s birthday. BUCKETS.  So that’s as close to jewelry making as I got…as far as I can recall.

2012 will be the year of the UFO.

Current goals:

1 blog at least 1 time EVERY month

2 Before each new project finish 1 old. (this may be how the great American afghan gets done)

That’s it…no killing myself.



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Really there are no sheep terminator comics? Really?

I did however find some other amusing images to tease Jen with.

So we were talking at knitting last night that someone read a study that knitting staves off Alzheimers.  Jen made the comment that at least she’d still have her skills at knitting, and I pointed out at that least she’d have the nice looking young fellas who come visit (her boyfriend & son). So we went on and on until we came to her having nightmares about knitting…and I ran with it:  so in your dreams there will be these sheep following you everywhere, looking to reclaim their wool.  My mind went to the Terminator series:  “I’ll be baaaaack.”

That’s what she gets for teaching me socks.

so then I went on a google mission to find a sheep or lamb terminator cartoon – surely there’s got to be a ton of them right?  No,  How on Earth is there no Terminator Sheep cartoon?  I can see it now: two ladies walking out of a yarn shop.  Naked cyborg sheep sitting outside, looks up at them and says the line – indicating he’ll be back for his wool one day.

How is that not internet fodder?

And there you have it, that’s why the Sheep Terminator exists – to fight Alzheimers.  yup, that’s my story and I am sticking to it.


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So I was at a Scrapping Get-away this weekend…

sock part un

I choose to be a “good girl” and do my knitting homework first before delving into digital scrapping.  If you know me, you know I am a painfully slow knitter…s…l…..o….w.  So Scrapping never did happen.

The problem with knitting at scrapping is I quickly forget to keep using “all” the needles.  I tended to combine the two 12 stitch needles into one…and magically I’d only be using 2 out of the 3 needles.

Okay, so I fixed it.

then I did it again…and again…and again.

but by 5 am Sunday morning (hey I only got there at 2pm) I had one sock waiting for a Kitchener stitch.

So Sunday I cast on #2, got done with the ribbing and half the straight away.  Who knows I may finish it on the plane Thursday….

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Can you see how much concentration was going on in class 2?

Pam gave the best recap for what went on:
Okay – here we go! Who’s having the after-Sox glass of wine, raise hands???

For all of you who were worried about not being able to talk in Sox in the City class 2 – it was all a big lie. You may not want to talk, and your Sox BFF may not want you to talk, but you’ll all have to figure it out. Except for when the teacher says ‘zip it’, and we deserve it.

What we learned tonight:

* Alex Xcat9 is probably working on size 3 needles, not 5s. No wonder her socks are small, but she’s working on Kollage Square DPNs, so she’s allowed. Jealous.
* We’re all still envious of Kimmie9’s Signatures. Sigh, but since she’s a BFF, you would think she’d have our backs, since she knows the guy!
* When working your double heel, use the stick trick. Hey, wanna know what it is? Take the class; tricks turned in Sox class stay in Sox class.
* When turning your heel, you name your three needles, sit, stay, and, of course, heel. Duh.
* Trust and turn really does work, mind the gap.
* When you make it to the gusset, you’ve got 7 and 7, and by this point, you could use one (a 7 & 7 that is), but you breathe and move on
* The entire class have officially become pick-up artists. Congratulations!
* We’re thinking sox would be easier if we were pickers and not throwers – next stop, Continental knitting?
* Our goal is to be on our toes by next class.

So, once again, we thank Jenni for her incredible patience and for hanging in with us as we persevere.
We are the Sox in the City girls! Watch us shape our insteps!

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Abby’s bouquet: aka I don’t ever need to do this again.

Don’t get me wrong, I Love it. I am glad I flew in acetate butterflies from AU. I am glad I talked Joe into helping. But mostly I am glad I got it done.

And I learned a very valuable lesson: Just because I can do it better, doesn’t mean I need to.

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