Everyone loves a good minion.

Alrighty so last night I banged out a minion.  Wait, that might get taken wrong if read out of context…

So there’s this animated movie you see – Despicable Me.  May be one of my top 10 of all time movies.  In the movie are these adorable characters called “minions”.  So in a few days I leave the Chicago or thereabouts area and drive to GenCon.  At GenCon I teach loom knitting.  One of the classes I was offering this year is was a fairly uninspired tube critter class. Inspiration found me.  After an evening of tooling around – I have now made the top half of a minion, and one-n-a half arms.  Tonight hopefully I’ll get the minion butt done.  So then at least rather than snakes, or worms…students can make their own minions, or what ever the heck they wanna make out of a tube.  It’ll teach them a little more advanced stitchery than I do now, but who knows maybe I won’t have to teach folks how to make a slip knot.

Also goings on – Abby has put me in touch with the fine folks at SilverBack Migration Solutions, Inc.  I forgot just how full of action those Jamaca’s are.  So my time line of WWW’dom in Oct’ish may flux a bit.  First I have to figure out what I want on said site.  Some thoughts in no particular order:

  • project queue – both a master list and one sorted by type.
  • completed projects – sorted by type
  • A&A Project team: names & titles…maybe one day the real name of the project.
  • daily rant, aka blog
  • kittens, black ones
  • contact info
  • guinea pig registration
  • craft class & crop night sched (cause wouldn’t it be nice to know when I am going cropping, or taking a class you might be interested in)

I could add more…but they wouldn’t be thought out.  I also need to figure out theme & color…that sounds like good stuff to ponder during the eleventybillion hour drive to Indy on Friday

ciao for now,



About xcat9

A slightly off crafter with an ever growing queue of projects.
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