So I have begged, cajoled, nagged, and pleaded with 3 of my Scrappy friends into joining the PWCO Summer Challenge…Now comes the hard part: waiting until Thursday to see if Team Craft Consortium makes it in.  Fingers crossed and here’s hoping!

I also bought more cool stamps from PWCO – they are so cute. OMG.  No really – go click on the link to see ’em, what kinda card from me would you want?

Gencon Update 2010:

Friday – it took 7 hours to get there, jinkies.  I did get some knitting done while driving.  I still don’t advocate anyone else do that.

Saturday- 8 am Loom Knitting 101 class (aka scarves & minions) only had 3 students. However – the 3 students had a blast and learned so much, that all of them had completed projects – plural, before the next day.  They “got it”.  One student, an 8 year old boy, was even able to grasp on to the drawstring cast on method. So much so that when he completed his second minion later that morning and he wanted to start a scarf he had to argue with his mom about how the cast on was done.  Squee.  Mom loved that he enjoyed it so much, and that they each learned different cast on methods – so they could teach each other.  Score!

Sat 10 am Knitty Kitty Class: d’oh I could sold more seats if I woulda have more supplies.  The upside was that I did not – and as such a student who was having an impossible time with slipknots got the attention she needed.  And let’s face it I am about quality before quantity, if I have to choose.  Poor lady got so frustrated – other were already done with their bodies and she was still duking it out on the tail.

I had them start with the tail first – figuring it would separate out the pack – and it did.  Some took to it like air (breathing), some more like water (drowning).  If they got it – they went on to the body.

A few got to the head before it was all over.  So I think next year I’ll offer a second one up of those classes.  I did however talk so much over those 4 hours that my throat hurt.

I then used my badge to get in to the dealer hall- I saw a cool hat for Joey’s 5th birthday, that by the time I got back to the hat it was gone.  I called Ed to check on some particulars for a hobby of Abby’s (and now she won’t know if her birthday present is game, butterfly, or yarn/ Gencon related). I then got Joe to buy me a Yipp Yipp T-shirt.  There was a whole getting a card punched for Bamm around the dealer hall that turned to failure.  I then found some kicken beads – pic to be posted soon.  Next up was the procurement of Abby’s birthday present.  Then we all got crabby & it was time for a hydration break.

Later that night was the ever awesome Midnight Zombie Buffet.  OMGWTFLOL.  Per usual it was off the wall and full of hi-jinks that only gamers can think of. Alas all of us from the “Star Wars Con” camp had our heads explode when Chuck Norris cried a single tear. At least NPH & his unicorn were OK!  I realize that makes no sense to you, and really you will never get it unless you come to GenCon and play in one of these. I don’t care – you should. I’ll drop all the obscure hints at coolness I want: until you go.

Sunday 9am Chuthulu Scarf…um, uh, no one showed. drat.  So I got wicked organized for Dr. Who.

Sunday 11am I learned the magic circle cast on for crochet.  4 stinky years I’ve been trying to “get it”.  I got it, it’s cool.  Watching the poor teacher flounder reminds me back when I was just offering my first GenCon Classes…Oh the things I’ve learned.  Poor girl.

Sunday 1pm Dr Who Scarf time- 7 students. Not bad.  I had a hard time explaining how to weave the yarn – I gotta figure out a better way to teach the flat panel technique.  Most seemed to understand why I couldn’t give them all the yarn for what I charged.  Only 2 were really really challenged by the technique.  One I think it was more due to the scale of the loom – she has bigger hands than my dainty paws, and she had a really hard time looping.  The other is ambidextrous, without knowing what the word means.  Once I flipped the loom around I actually saw it click and she was off & running.  Every one got to the second color except for one person 😦

So overall way too much packed in to 2 days.  If I am ever going to do this 2 day version – “Bamm” will be teaching my classes and I’ll just get a one day badge.

So this week it’s inventory for next year’s GenCon & get ready to do some scrapping!




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3 Responses to Yea!!!!!

  1. Sounds like fun! I’m glad someone was able to teach you the magic circle crochet cast on… although I’m sad it wasn’t me…

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