Um, yeah, You still here?

Sorry about going all radio silent. Apparently all my pending draft updates that were on the iphone died a sad death. I’ve been off doing all sorts of crafty things.

I learned crochet!

Thanks to the ladies at Fuzzy Wuzzy who took pity on me during the Chemo Cap Book signing. It was meant to be a baby hat…it’s more baby beret, but really that comes down to me getting bored and getting stuck on a term in the pattern.

For my Luxe Bag – I am almost, almost there- out of 8 panels, a bottom & the cording needed: I have 5 panels done! This one may not end up a UFO.

I’ve been dorking around with my basket weave scarf (that’s what happend to the mess o’ yarn picture) and my Amish double twist mobius scarf. (Amish cause I accidentally added an extra twist, while casting on, while driving, at night.)

There has been sooo much scrapbooking. There was Scrapfest with Tam, Expo with Tam, CHA with Melissa, Susan, Tam, & Penny.

And drumroll please…..
Abby & Ed are getting married!!!!

So you know what that means right?

Taxes in 2012 will be way easier for me with them 🙂
Ha ha.

So this weekend there is some venue hunting and fabric perusing. I have 2 survey’s pulled together so that my MOH title gets fulfilled with regards to the Shower & Bachelorette parties.

Cause let’s face it my Bachelorette party would include spa time, kittens, dancing, and either a trip to the pottery/ceramics store, the bead store, or to a scrap shop.

Yep, I’d have the most G rated Party ever.
Tonight is knitting at Fuzzy Wuzzy in Arlington, woot woot

Ciao for now,


About xcat9

A slightly off crafter with an ever growing queue of projects.
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