Can you see how much concentration was going on in class 2?

Pam gave the best recap for what went on:
Okay – here we go! Who’s having the after-Sox glass of wine, raise hands???

For all of you who were worried about not being able to talk in Sox in the City class 2 – it was all a big lie. You may not want to talk, and your Sox BFF may not want you to talk, but you’ll all have to figure it out. Except for when the teacher says ‘zip it’, and we deserve it.

What we learned tonight:

* Alex Xcat9 is probably working on size 3 needles, not 5s. No wonder her socks are small, but she’s working on Kollage Square DPNs, so she’s allowed. Jealous.
* We’re all still envious of Kimmie9’s Signatures. Sigh, but since she’s a BFF, you would think she’d have our backs, since she knows the guy!
* When working your double heel, use the stick trick. Hey, wanna know what it is? Take the class; tricks turned in Sox class stay in Sox class.
* When turning your heel, you name your three needles, sit, stay, and, of course, heel. Duh.
* Trust and turn really does work, mind the gap.
* When you make it to the gusset, you’ve got 7 and 7, and by this point, you could use one (a 7 & 7 that is), but you breathe and move on
* The entire class have officially become pick-up artists. Congratulations!
* We’re thinking sox would be easier if we were pickers and not throwers – next stop, Continental knitting?
* Our goal is to be on our toes by next class.

So, once again, we thank Jenni for her incredible patience and for hanging in with us as we persevere.
We are the Sox in the City girls! Watch us shape our insteps!


About xcat9

A slightly off crafter with an ever growing queue of projects.
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