So I was at a Scrapping Get-away this weekend…

sock part un

I choose to be a “good girl” and do my knitting homework first before delving into digital scrapping.  If you know me, you know I am a painfully slow knitter…s…l…..o….w.  So Scrapping never did happen.

The problem with knitting at scrapping is I quickly forget to keep using “all” the needles.  I tended to combine the two 12 stitch needles into one…and magically I’d only be using 2 out of the 3 needles.

Okay, so I fixed it.

then I did it again…and again…and again.

but by 5 am Sunday morning (hey I only got there at 2pm) I had one sock waiting for a Kitchener stitch.

So Sunday I cast on #2, got done with the ribbing and half the straight away.  Who knows I may finish it on the plane Thursday….


About xcat9

A slightly off crafter with an ever growing queue of projects.
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