Really there are no sheep terminator comics? Really?

I did however find some other amusing images to tease Jen with.

So we were talking at knitting last night that someone read a study that knitting staves off Alzheimers.  Jen made the comment that at least she’d still have her skills at knitting, and I pointed out at that least she’d have the nice looking young fellas who come visit (her boyfriend & son). So we went on and on until we came to her having nightmares about knitting…and I ran with it:  so in your dreams there will be these sheep following you everywhere, looking to reclaim their wool.  My mind went to the Terminator series:  “I’ll be baaaaack.”

That’s what she gets for teaching me socks.

so then I went on a google mission to find a sheep or lamb terminator cartoon – surely there’s got to be a ton of them right?  No,  How on Earth is there no Terminator Sheep cartoon?  I can see it now: two ladies walking out of a yarn shop.  Naked cyborg sheep sitting outside, looks up at them and says the line – indicating he’ll be back for his wool one day.

How is that not internet fodder?

And there you have it, that’s why the Sheep Terminator exists – to fight Alzheimers.  yup, that’s my story and I am sticking to it.



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2 Responses to Really there are no sheep terminator comics? Really?

  1. Is that a new genetic experiment? I see a dog, a sheep, big bird, and a tank…

  2. xcat9 says:

    oh, and it’s not my drawing – just the closest I could find to what’s in my head.

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