Year End Review

Crafty things that happened this year:

I made Abby’s Wedding bouquet & veil

Umm….there was some knitting

The CPH (Central Park Hoodie) was not finished in 2011

The Cardi from the first (2010) yarn crawl was not finished…granted now I am allergic to alpaca so it’ll always be a short bout of knitting type of thing.

The Malabrigo Sweater is still thinking about it’s life.

The Classic Elite Lobster Cove cardi was completed!  And it time to be worn at Stitched Midwest 2011! (yea for my first completed garment!)

1 hat was completed for Joe: Kollage McTwist in red

2 cowls in Malabrigo Rasta – 1 for Marilu & 1 for Jean.

Took up crochet – made 1 hat that might work for an elven baby. Or Dan Ackroid’s charter as a yarmulke. Working on another…looking way more hat like.  Goal is for that to go to Pam.

Did 3 blankets squares: 1 crochet & 2 knit…made Laura finish 2 of them.  :/  I gotta work on finishing techniques.

Cast on a Stephen West Shawl of doom. (Spectara) One day I will get past 5 wedges (I need like 95).  It’s for teaching carrying of colors though.

Turned the heel on the second sock.

Taught co-workers to make 34+ cards for Gail’s Work Anniversary.

Started a few cuffs for mittens/gloves & things.  Started…stopped…they are thinking about what they really want to be.

So not a whole lot of scrapping this year…lots of starts…but a least there’s a few finishes.

I did start the great craft purge…Got rid of 1 very large box.

Taught Dad Loom knitting – I can’t keep up with him for casting off.  Need to teach him that.

Made buckets of stitch markers for Abby’s birthday. BUCKETS.  So that’s as close to jewelry making as I got…as far as I can recall.

2012 will be the year of the UFO.

Current goals:

1 blog at least 1 time EVERY month

2 Before each new project finish 1 old. (this may be how the great American afghan gets done)

That’s it…no killing myself.




About xcat9

A slightly off crafter with an ever growing queue of projects.
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One Response to Year End Review

  1. xcat9 says:

    Ooo, and I started the Shark hat too!

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