The big picture

So I started this to catalog my ginormous plan for world craft domination.

Tam wants a magazine.

Missy, Shari &  I want to open the ultimate store.

Abby & I will revolutionize the organization of craft stashes.

My thought is to get the A&A project out there.  That would create a platform for Tam to get her design POV heard and hopefully lead to said magazine. Once those are operational: it’s time for a less virtual vehicle.

So it is ginormous.  I still think if tackled in chunks it’s totally doable.

So for the A&A project we will need programmer(s), of which Abby found 1 already, I think we may want to look into someone with UI skills – cause we think in fairly complex manners, and I want even grandmas to be able to use this.

We’ll need to figure out our categories of craft that we want to pursue.  Then we have to figure out who both the major players are, and who some of the shining stars of the minors are. Then we need to find someone with a +20 charisma who can talk all of them in to letting us get at their product line catalogs down to the upc & model numbers.

I am not sure which I think will be harder – getting the data set up (and the funds needed to store said data), or getting the data?


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